Cerebrovascular Disease

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Cerebrovascular diseaseĀ is any disease by which the arteries in the brain, or are connected to the brain, are defective. All diseases related to artery dysfunction can be classified under a disease as known as Macrovascular disease. Arteries may become blocked by fatty deposits or by a blood clot. The results of cerebrovascular disease can include a stroke, or even sometimes a hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemia or other blood vessel dysfunctions can affect a person during a cerebrovascular accident.

During a cerebrovascular accident, sensory to interneural transmission to motor transmission is cut off because the sensitive blood vessels cannot reach sensitive cells. Also, involuntary control of the muscles may be lost, depending on the type of stroke the victim is encountering. Another form of cerebrovascular disease includes aneurysms. If bleeding can occur in this process, the resulting effect is a stroke.

This disease can also result from embolism, or a ruptured blood vessel. Embolism blocks small arteries within the brain, causing dysfunction to occur. Spontaneously, a hemorrhage can occur. A hemorrhage is a blood clot from blood vessel rupture, which causes bleeding in the brain.


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