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The Great Neck Stand- Up MRI is a new imaging technique that offers important advances over the standard MRI. With this new modality, patients are usually scanned while sitting back and watching television, so it is an unusually comfortable experience for even the most claustrophobic or heavy set patients. The images are particularly sharp and clear, because of the advanced calibration techniques of the magnet. Most important, the Stand- Up MRI allows for “positional imaging,” which may be particularly helpful for patients with spine and other joint disease. Symptomatic herniated discs and spinal stenosis which can sometimes be missed on standard recumbent images, may be seen on upright MRI imaging.

Position- Dependent Spinal Instability
The recumbent scan in this patient with recurrent low back pain following laminectomy and L4- S1 fusion is shown on the left. The Upright ™scan shows a position- dependent spinal stenosis not visible in the recumbent scan.


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