Neuro-oncologist Jai Grewal, M.D. explains his motivations and patient-centered approach

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Neuro-oncology and the treatment of brain tumors is certainly a new field. There is a tremendous amount of exploration and scientific research, and I knew I would be at the forefront. However, what appealed to me the most is the relationships between physician, patient, and family. I enjoy making a difference in the life of a scared individual, and I appreciate when the patient returns to my office, feeling more comfortable with their condition. They realize, though it is serious, it is not as bad as they first thought.

I also enjoy interacting with many other specialties. As a medical neuro-oncologist. I do some procedures, but I do not perform major surgeries for which we have specialists. I interact with other medical neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, some of the world’s best neuro-radiologists, neuropathologists, physicians, hospitals and other institutions. I feel very connected with my colleagues as a member of a large team.

“What appealed to me the most is the relationships between physician, patient, and family.”

In our practice, we have two neuro-oncologists. We always try to maintain personal interaction with patients, returning phone calls from patients and concerned family members who may or may not live locally. We treat many diseases that affect our patients, as well as many of their family members. It is our job to help all of them, because it can be equally traumatic, or even more traumatic, for families.

Dr. Duic and I are fortunate in that we work with an experienced and compassionate staff. Our staff will know who you are and treat you as an individual, because we have all been patients ourselves. We have all had family members who experienced severe conditions such as cancer, cardiac disease, and others. Today, we are treating patients, but tomorrow, we might also be patients ourselves.