Facial Pain (Neuralgia)

What Is Neuralgia?

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What are the Symptoms of Neuralgia?

Depending on the type of neuralgia that you have, the symptoms can vary greatly from nerve pain in the face, ear, neck, and eye. Each type of nerve dysfunction leads to pain in specific places, for particular neuralgia symptoms.

For postherpetic neuralgia, the pain will reside in the site of a previous shingles rash. The pain can be anything from a mild ache to extreme pain. It tends to be described as a burning sensation and can last years after the shingles outbreak.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a dysfunction of the nerve that lies between the brain and face. Therefore patients with this type of pain tend to have pain that radiates from one side of their face often caused by touching of the face. Even things like brushing teeth or eating can cause intense amounts of pain.

Glossopharyngeal neuralgia causes pain to radiate from the throat or tonsil region. It can also cause pain to radiate from a part of the ear.

Occipital neuralgia is also a nerve dysfunction that affects the neck region. It can cause pain to radiate from the back of the head as well. The pain is usually described as sharp and excruciating.

What are the Causes of Neuralgia?

The causes of neuralgia differ greatly depending on the type that is being experienced. The nerve dysfunction can be caused by things from viruses like shingles to physical injuries or even tumors. If you are feeling a constant or recurring pain that can range from throbbing to piercing, you might be suffering from a type of facial neuralgia.

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