What Is a Tremor?

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Causes and Symptoms of Tremors

The causes of tremors can be widely varied and individualistic. They can stem from certain side effects of drugs and medications, the abuse of alcohol, an overactive thyroid called hyperthyroidism, toxins in the body, liver dysfunction or neurological conditions. Those conditions can sometimes stem from traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumors or multiple sclerosis.

With many patients, the tremors become more evident during times of anxiousness, over exhaustion, times of low blood sugar or during certain motions like shaking. Tremors can manifest in areas such as having a shaky voice, being unable to hold utensils for drawing or eating, and of course the tell-tale sign of rhythmic shaking that is typical with many people who have a tremor.

If you are suffering from embarrassing or life impairing tremors, come into our New York area clinic and speak with a fellowship-trained doctor today to see the options available for you.

How are Tremors Diagnosed?

When diagnosing a tremor, physicians start by doing a physical exam of your tremor. They will observe whether your tremor stems from action or rest. Next, you will undergo a series of tests to give a proper diagnosis of the root cause of your tremor.

These tests can include:

  • Blood and urine tests, checking for environmental causes.
  • Reviewing your family history.
  • A neurological scan that our board-certified neurosurgeons will look over.
  • Electromyogram to measure your muscle interaction through nerve stimulation.
  • Single-photon emission computed tomography.

From there, our multi-disciplinary team will be able to give you a personalized diagnosis and treatment options to best fit your situation.

State-of-the-Art Treatments for Tremor in Long Island, NY

Treatments vary depending on the tremor cause. Medications are the first line of treatment along with physical therapy. There are also surgical treatments, thalamotomy and deep brain stimulation. NSPC New York will provide you with a full range of diagnosis and treatment options. Our movement disorder specialists are world-class, and they are supported by a full team of medical staff and excellent facilities across Long Island.

We also use innovative techniques such as the Gamma Knife . This is a minimally invasive treatment option if you would like to avoid surgery or are elderly, suffer from severe cardiac or pulmonary pathology, or use anticoagulants. Let us help you make the best decision for your future, schedule a consultation with our award-winning doctors.

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