Larry Monaco lived with chronic back pain and weakness in his legs. When pain consultants could not offer him any more relief, Larry was referred to Dr. Zachariah M. George, a board certified neurosurgeon specializing in complex spinal issues and minimally invasive surgery.

After an initial consultation with Dr. George, Dr. Madan K. Raj was brought in to collaborate on Larry’s care. Dr. Raj is a board certified physiatrist specializing in pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation. The doctors recommended that Larry try injections first, before looking into surgical options.

Larry had been considering surgery to correct the damaged discs in his back. “They told me if they pin the discs and then put a rod in where the other ones are pushing out, I would lose a lot of mobility,” he said. With a lot more life to live and managing a full-time job, Larry was grateful for any surgery-free options to help relieve his chronic back pain.

The injections allowed Larry to continue working and he says the treatments exceeded his expectations. “The first two injections were in the hip. The first one took the numbness out of my leg and gave me strength back. The second one took all the numbness out from the knee down to the ankle, and it rejuvenated me.”

The doctors at NSPC are kind and genuine. “Dr. George is a nice guy and seemed down-to-earth. Dr. Raj is a wiz with those injections!”