Gail Chandler was first introduced to NSPC by her husband who was a patient of Dr. William Sonstein. While waiting for her husband during an exam, Dr. Sonstein noticed that Gail was rubbing the back of her head. He asked her about it, and after learning more, encouraged her to make an appointment with his partner Dr. Michael Brisman.

Dr. Brisman is a board certified neurosurgeon who specializes in stereotactic and radiosurgery techniques of brain tumors.

Gail was reluctant at first to make that call. While she had suffered pain for her entire adult life she told Dr. Sonstein that she could just live with it. However when her pain began to increase, she thought about what Dr. Sonstein had said and scheduled an appointment.

Dr. Brisman evaluated Gail. They discussed her previous surgery back in 1984, and the fact that the existing pain was affecting her quality of life. While not life-threatening, Gail’s condition was painful enough that surgery was the right choice.

The surgery was a success, and Dr. Brisman even enlisted the assistance of a plastic surgeon to ensure that there was no noticeable hair loss. Gail is delighted to proclaim the she is now completely pain-free. “I have not had pain since the operation,” says Gail. “I am very grateful to Dr. Michael Brisman and to the entire neurological group. Thank you!”