Kristian Jensen began experiencing seizures when he was just a young child. After being on a series of medications, he was frustrated that his seizures were unable to be managed effectively. They affected his daily life and his ability to be independent. After Kristian’s neurologist could do nothing more to treat his condition, he was referred to Dr. Alan Ettinger at NSPC’s Epilepsy Center.

A Surgical Approach for Treating the Seizures
After comprehensive evaluation and testing, Kristian learned that the cause of his seizures was in his right temporal lobe and that he was a good candidate for epilepsy surgery. Dr. Brian Snyder performed the surgery – removing a segment of the lobe that was carefully identified as causing Kristian’s seizures. Temporal lobectomy is a treatment that has been proven to be superior to prolonged medical therapy in patients like Kristian who suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy.

Relief from the Seizures
Since the surgery, Kristian has had no seizures and no side effects. And, he is thrilled to be back to work and enjoying his life once again. He’s even looking forward to driving – something he hasn’t been able to do in years because of the seizures.

Kristian and his mother were very impressed by Dr. Ettinger’s caring nature and dedication to his patients. They were also grateful for the entire team at the Epilepsy Center who kept them informed every step of the way before, during, and after the procedure.