Mary Ann Kancza suffered from severe back pain which significantly limited her mobility and ability to tackle everyday tasks. She initially sought the help of a neurologist. However after examination, he recommended that she see a neurosurgeon. She contacted NSPC and was referred to Dr. Artem Vaynman, a board certified neurosurgeon with expertise in complex and minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Shortly after the surgery, Mary Ann discovered that she could take small steps – something that she was unable to do before the surgery. She was careful at first, but it quickly became natural for her to walk again. Soon, she was able to put her own shoes and socks on. And today, she is once again taking care of her family and enjoying her grandchildren.

Mary Ann is very appreciative of Dr. Vaynman and his team. “Dr. Vaynman is a very patient man,” she says. “He really goes out of his way so that you know 100% what to expect. And, the staff is wonderful.” She encourages others who are suffering from back pain to go see NSPC because it has made such a difference in her life.