Craniotomy for Meningioma

A craniotomy is a surgical procedure that generates a small hole in the skull to allow a neurosurgeon to access and remove a meningioma, a brain tumor of the meninges (covering of the brain). Meningiomas are generally benign but can spread further into the brain, so catching them before they advance to that stage can be critical.

State-of-the-Art Craniotomy for Meningioma Brain Tumor Treatments at NSPC

During the procedure, your neurosurgeon will make an incision over the meningioma.

  • Using small surgical instruments, a small piece of the skull is temporarily removed.
  • Generally, the tumor is affixed to the dura mater, or covering of the brain, and your surgeon can remove most if not all of the mass from the nearby healthy tissue.
  • Afterward, the piece of bone that was removed is reattached to the skull.
  • A temporary shunt may be installed to drain any excess fluid that may develop during your recovery.

If your doctor has concerns about whether all your tumor was extracted during the craniotomy, radiation may be the next course of treatment. Advanced stereotactic radiosurgery uses highly precise radiation beams to target tumor cells and prevent them from growing.

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