Extratemporal Cortical Resection

What Is an Extratemporal Cortical Resection?

Extratemporal Cortical Resection is an innovative brain surgery technique to stop seizures. This technique requires our board-certified neurosurgeons to remove part of the patient’s brain, outside of the temporal lobe, in order to relieve seizures. The area of the brain that is the most prevalent for extratemporal seizures is the frontal lobe. Although there are instances where brain tissue might be taken from additional lobes of the brain.

Our multi-disciplinary team will work to remove the central cause of the seizures while making sure to keep your memory, speech, movement, and sensations intact. We can sit down with you to review the pros and cons of this procedure. You can rest assured that you will have a complete picture of how this surgery can benefit your life.

What Conditions Does Extratemporal Cortical Resection Treat?

Extratemporal Cortical Resection is a leading-edge lobectomy surgery used as a way to stop seizures for people with certain types of epilepsy. You might be a perfect candidate for this type of surgery if your epilepsy isn’t solved with antiepileptic drugs, also called AEDs, or your quality of life is suffering due to the side effects of AEDs. If the site of your seizures originates outside of the temporal lobe, this epilepsy treatment option might be the right choice for you.

Come in for an epileptic treatment consultation with our highly skilled doctors to see what we can do for you. Our clients know that our leading private neurosurgical practice in the NY/Long Island area is a world-class facility that takes pride in our individualized treatments and care.

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