Spinal Cord Stimulation

Patients with chronic back pain or intractable pain in the arms or legs may find relief through spinal cord stimulation.

What Conditions Does Spinal Cord Stimulation Treat?

A spinal cord stimulator may be used for chronic pain in the arms, legs and back when more traditional treatments have not brought relief. The stimulator for back pain is used to prevent the pain signals from reaching the patient’s brain by sending small electrical pulses to the affected nerves.

These types of neuromodulation devices have been used to treat

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State-of-the-Art Spinal Cord Stimulation Surgery in Long Island, NY area

Two newer treatment innovations used for spinal cord stimulator implant include an Octad lead and rechargeable pulse generator:

  • The “Octad” lead with eight stimulation electrodes, (compared with the usual four) makes the procedure easier, faster, and more effective than ever.
  • The rechargeable pulse generator looks like a small pacemaker battery, powers the stimulator lead, and now can be recharged externally, without requiring replacement for nearly a decade.

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