NSPC Publishes Collection of 44 Real-life Case Studies Ebook

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NSPC Docs Collaborate on Real-life Case Studies Ebook

A 141-page digital collection of “real-life, clinical encounters” that highlight a variety of mostly adult neurovascular, brain, and spine conditions has been published as an “eBook” by the physicians of NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery. The First Edition of the practice’s Case Studies of NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery features case summaries written and edited by 16 of the Long Island neurosurgical group’s physicians.

The featured cases were selected from a portfolio of case studies that had been posted online and distributed each week by e-mail since 2020 by the members of the NSPC medical staff. According to Michael H. Brisman M.D., F.A.C.S., Chief Executive Officer of NSPC, “These case summaries were originally intended as a means of sharing our clinical experiences with other providers in the New York Metro/Long Island community during the pandemic.”

The new publication, which is available in both digital and hardcover versions, delivers insightful medical content in a reader-friendly format that features rich illustrations and concise writing. According to Dr. Brisman, readers will “find all the elements of a classic case report, beginning with ‘Clinical Presentations’ and then ‘Clinical Management and Treatment.’ A brief discussion of ‘Treatment Considerations’ follows, along with appropriate academic references.” A list of “Key Learning Points” ends each summary.

Highlighting the treatment of neurological diseases that are frequently addressed by the NSPC specialists, the eBook’s ten chapters cover such topics as “Acute Ischemic Stroke,” “Moyamoya Syndrome,” “Surgery for Degenerative Spine Diseases,” “Neoplastic Processes of the Brain and Spine,” and “Trauma and Infection of Head and Spine.” Dr. Brisman points out that these last two chapters “contain cases where traditional neurosurgical techniques and modern endovascular and radiosurgical treatment options are applied.”

“There’s no better evidence of our practice’s success, and growth, than the articles presented in the new Case Studies of NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery – 44 Illustrative Cases,” declares Dr. Brisman. “They describe the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of mostly adult neurovascular, spine, and brain conditions. The authors of these studies are all physicians associated with NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery and they reflect our goal of delivering individualized care.”

“Our doctors provide the patients they treat with the best opportunity for optimal results,” observes Dr. Brisman, “and a return to a normal and productive life. The cases presented in the eBook confirm our mission to provide the best neurovascular and neurosurgical care with compassion and consideration for the special needs of each person.”

If interested in a copy of Case Studies of NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery, please email Info@nullnspc.com.