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NSPC provides world-class care for cerebrovascular conditions such as brain aneurysms, cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), stroke, and carotid stenosis. Our neuroendovascular surgeons are experienced in minimally invasive procedures and traditional surgeries — so you have the best treatment options available.

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Neuroendovascular procedures are minimally invasive surgeries of the brain or spine, using vascular access (usually via the arm, leg, or groin) to the affected area (rather than a direct approach). As with other minimally invasive therapies, the trauma to the patient is lessened and the recovery time can be significantly reduced. It is especially useful for patients who are unable, for whatever reason, to undergo a traditional brain or spine operation.

Typically, a catheter is inserted via a small incision and guided through the arteries to the area of interest. The catheter can then be used to deliver drugs, diagnostic aids such as dyes, coils, embolic materials or restorative equipment such as vascular stents.

Neurovascular Conditions We Treat in the Long Island, NY Area

Conditions that may be candidates for neuroendovascular surgery include:

Advanced Brain and Spine Treatments

Successful treatment of cerebrovascular disease is often enhanced by the availability of and experience in the optimal therapy or technique for the particular circumstances. With one of the largest private neurosurgical practices in the NY region, NSPC’s multidisciplinary team brings together specialists to design the best treatment plan for you.

Expertise in neuroendovascular procedures is an important tool in addressing a significant number of issues that patients experience. Our highly skilled cerebrovascular and endovascular surgeons employ sophisticated neurosurgical techniques to diagnose and treat both common and complex brain and spine disorders, procedures such as:

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