Burr Hole Drainage

What Is Burr Hole Drainage?

A burr hole drainage is a procedure to reduce excess fluid that has collected under the brain’s covering known as the dura mater.

What Conditions Does Burr Hole Treat?

A burr hole drainage may be used to treat conditions caused by a buildup of fluid around the brain:

  • Subdural hematoma—a pooling of blood underneath the dura mater
  • Hydrocephalus—excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on the brain

Or a burr hole may be employed to assist in the treatment of conditions:

  • To implant a deep brain stimulation device
  • To introduce an endoscope—small medical scope—to assist in tumor evacuation or aneurysm treatment
  • Create an opening so a neurosurgeon can obtain a tissue sample for a biopsy

Advanced Burr Hole Treatments at NSPC

A burr hole drainage often only requires local anesthesia. The procedure relieves pressure on the brain caused by fluids such as excess blood from a subdural hematoma or an excess of cerebrospinal fluid, known as hydrocephalus.

After the section of head has been shaved and the scalp has been anesthetized, the neurosurgeon creates a small incision and drills a dime-sized hole into the skull to reveal the dura mater. The protective covering is opened and excess fluid is drained from inside the head. A wash may be used to help clear out the fluid. If necessary, a drain may be embedded to support additional channeling of excess fluid away from the brain.

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