Coil Embolization for Brain Aneurysms

Coil Embolization for Brain Aneurysms

Brain aneurysms are typically treated at one of two separate times; before a rupture or event, or as a result of a rupture or event. Your physician will consider a multitude of different factors when deciding on your particular treatment. They will evaluate your age and general health, the size and severity of the aneurysm, and any other pertinent risk factors.

What Is Coil Embolization for Brain Aneurysms?

Coil Embolization – In this brain aneurysm treatment, a tiny tube is inserted into an artery that travels very close to the site of the aneurysm itself. A small coil made of metal is then introduced into the artery to reinforce it and relieve pressure in the area. Endovascular aneurysm coiling is considered the less invasive of the two surgical brain aneurysm treatment options available.

Cerebral Aneurysm Treatments

In general, brain aneurysm treatment breaks down into one of three basic courses of action:

  • Observation – Small cerebral aneurysms simply do not often rupture, so if yours is sufficiently small, your doctor may simply recommend long-term observation, as brain surgery can often prove risky even for patients in the best of health. Your physician will clearly explain the risk factors associated with choosing to wait and see, and you may require ongoing monitoring over the long term in this case.
  • Coil Embolization – Endovascular aneurysm coiling is a minimally invasive procedure that involves threading a catheter through an artery to the aneurysm site and placing a small, flexible coil in the aneurysm to prevent the flow of blood to the aneurysm.
  • Surgical Clipping – The third form of common brain aneurysm treatment is referred to as surgical clipping. A small clip is placed around the base of the aneurysm to completely isolate it from blood flow, which significantly reduces the risk of it bursting. However, this treatment is not suitable for use 100% of the time; discuss the different treatment options with your surgeon.

If you suffer from a cerebral aneurysm, work closely with a cerebral aneurysm specialist to discuss all of your possible risk factors, as well as which treatment option is the right choice given your personal circumstance.

NSPC’s award-winning doctors offer the most up-to-date treatments for cerebral aneurysms at our medical centers located on Long Island and in the New York tristate area. As the first physician on Long Island to implement coiling of a brain aneurysm, NSPC’s Dr. Jonathan Brisman is a leading endovascular neurosurgeon in the New York area. Contact one of our brain aneurysm specialists at a NY location to discuss your treatment options.


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