Computer-Assisted Craniotomy

Computer-assisted neurosurgery uses 3-D imagery to plan and perform surgery. Craniotomies are surgical procedures used to treat vascular malformations, malignant and benign tumors, and other abnormalities in the skull.

What Is Computer-Assisted Craniotomy?

During a stereotactic guided craniotomy, an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or CT scan (computed tomography) provides three-dimensional coordinates for the neurosurgeon to design and perform image-guided surgery. Computer-assisted craniotomies can be safer and less invasive for brain tumors that are especially deep-seated or in the center of the brain.

Intraoperative brain mapping employs advanced imaging technologies to chart individual brain structures and functions before surgery. Functional MRIs (fMRIs) performed concurrently with neuropsychological exams can more accurately map brain function and anatomy. Awake craniotomies allow patients to remain awake during the surgery so the surgeon can better protect critical brain functions by avoiding eloquent brain portions, parts of the brain that manage these crucial functions.

Computer-Assisted Neurosurgery
Stereotactic neurosurgery uses three-dimensional mapping to chart and assist in neurosurgery. With computer-assisted stereotactic neurosurgery, the surgeon is better able to accurately locate and remove intracranial lesions.

What Conditions Does Computer-Assisted Stereotactic Neurosurgery Treat?

Computer-assisted neuronavigation techniques are less invasive operations that treat a range of brain conditions including, but not limited to:

What Are the Advantages of Computer-Assisted Neurosurgery?

Computer-assisted craniotomies offer patients a range of benefits:

  • Smaller incisions and skull holes
  • Faster locating of brain lesions during surgery
  • Less damage to healthy brain tissue and blood vessels
  • Computer navigation aids the surgeon in detecting tumor boundaries intraoperatively

The advancement of computer-assisted craniotomy allows some previously inoperable benign or malignant tumors to be removed.

Computer-Assisted Craniotomy at NSPC in NY

At NSPC, Dr. Rak is one of the New York area’s leading experts in brain tumor removal using intraoperative brain mapping.

The neurosurgeons at NSPC use state-of-the-art computer-assisted craniotomy for the best results. Contact a specialist at one of our medical centers located on Long Island and in the New York area. You’ll get the most advanced treatment options available in the NY region—from our award-winning neurosurgeons.


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