Neuropace RNS System

What Is the NeuroPace RNS® System?

The NeuroPace RNS® System is a revolutionary FDA-approved device that normalizes electrical brain activity that causes seizures, with a small electrical pulse. The neurostimulation helps prevent seizures before they occur.

What Condition Does NeuroPace RNS® System Treat?

The innovative responsive neurostimulation (RNS) device is used to treat epilepsy, specifically partial onset seizures. Patients with uncontrollable seizures—seizures that have been unresponsive to two or more anti-epileptic medications—and who have only one or two seizure locations in the brain may be candidates for this treatment.

The NeuroPace RNS System is a less invasive alternative to traditional epilepsy brain surgery. Some seizure locations are too close to parts of the brain that control vital functions to allow for surgical remove of the brain tissue.

How does the NeuroPace RNS® System work?

The system interfaces hardware and software for a truly outstanding treatment system:

  • Neurostimulator — your neurosurgeon will surgically embed the neurostimulator in your skull, just beneath your scalp. The stimulator delivers short electrical bursts to the leads, modulating brain activity. After the incision heals, the neurostimulator will not be noticeable.
  • Leads — wires from the neurostimulator are carefully implanted in or on the brain in the seizure locations. (No brain tissue is removed, so the risk of tissue damage is greatly reduced.)
  • Wand — a handheld device collects data from the neurostimulator (patient waves the wand over the head where the neurostimulator is located.) The wand transfers information to your computer to share it with your doctor.
  • Magnet — another handheld device, the magnet, can be placed near the neurostimulator to temporarily pause the neurostimulator from delivering electrical impulses, or it can be used to initiate a compilation of the brain’s current activity.
  • Programmer — your physician can use the programmer to develop neuromodulation treatment plans customized to your brain’s activity.


Brian Snyder

M.D., F.A.N.N.S.


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