Neuroendovascular Surgery

What Is Neuroendovascular Surgery?

Neuroendovascular surgery helps treat complex brain and spinal cord conditions. This minimally invasive procedure consists of a very thin and flexible tube (catheter) that is inserted into a blood vessel (often via the groin, arm or leg) to deliver medication, diagnostic dyes or treatments to the brain, spinal cords or nerves. The term neuroendovascular consists of neuro, referring to the nervous system (brain, spinal cord or nerves), and endovascular, meaning within the blood vessels.

A neuroendovascular procedure can be used for a variety of reasons. For example, as a diagnostic tool to transport dyes to the specific part of the body for an angiography, to deliver drugs or to carry coils for the treatment of a weakened blood vessel wall.

Since neuroendovascular surgery is minimally invasive compared to open surgeries, blood loss is minimal and recovery time is shorter.

What Conditions Does Neuroendovascular Surgery Treat at NSPC?

A wide range of conditions can diagnosed and/or treated using cerebrovascular surgery and interventional radiology (image-guided catheter-based techniques to treat brain and spine diseases of the blood vessels):

Interventional neuroradiology is also known as neurointerventional radiology or endovascular neuroradiology. This type of medical sub-specialty uses imaging such as x-rays, nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy along with neuroendovascular methods to diagnosis or treat diseases.

Neuroendovascular Surgery at NSPC

NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery (NSPC) (NSPC) has a team of leaders in interventional neuroradiology and cerebrovascular neurosurgery using cutting-edge endovascular surgical techniques. Our Long Island and New York area medical centers provide experienced care and treatment.

As one of the Northeast’s most comprehensive multi-specialty neurosurgical private practices, NSPC offers expert diagnosis and treatment of complex cerebrovascular diseases and other brain and spine conditions—no matter how complex or rare.


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