Image Guided Spine Surgery

Through the use of the most modern innovative techniques, our award-winning surgeons at NSPC are able to give you the best results possible. We use leading-edge technology like image-guided spine surgery to give you the best surgical outcome.

What Conditions Does Image-Guided Spine Surgery Treat?

Image-guided navigation has several applications in the management of complex spinal disorders, such as anterior screw fixation, cervical lateral mass screw fixation, cervical corpectomy and the resection of spinal neoplasms via a posterior approach. Spinal surgery can be more accurate and less invasive due to this technology. If you are suffering from a spinal injury or disease and are worried about surgery, rest assured that here at NSPC, we are knowledgeable and skilled in the use of technological advances in surgical practices.

What Is Image-Guided Spine Surgery?

Image-guided spine surgery is a computer-assisted surgery that gives our surgeons a real-time three-dimensional view of your anatomy before and during surgery. This enables our world-class multidisciplinary team to have greater surgical accuracy as well as increasing the ability to implement minimally invasive surgical techniques.

In order to achieve this highly advanced level of accuracy, our neurosurgeons will request pre-operative CAT scans and MRI’s in order to get a detailed image of your spine. These images are then layered and loaded into a computer to give our surgeons the most accurate information during surgery. Additionally, during surgery, diodes and an optical camera will be used to send information to the computer to give our team an accurate portrait of the spine during surgery.

The advantages of using this imaging system are quite remarkable. It allows for smaller incisions and the treatment of more spinal disorders than in the past. In addition, surgeons are no longer required to use X-rays during surgery which reduces radiation exposure for both the surgical team and you, our patient.


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