Lumbar Spinous Process Plating

What Is Lumbar Spinous Process Plating?

Lumbar Spinous Process Plating is a minimally invasive technique in which a metal device, such as the CD HORIZON® SPIRE™ implant, is used to stabilize the spine. This is done by implanting it onto the patient’s spine through an incision in the lower back. This technique is typically combined with additional implants such as pedicle screw fixation or interbody cage devices in order to increase the chances of achieving optimal rigid spinal fixation and fusion.

Usually, patients are released as early as within a few hours of the surgery or at the latest the next day. This procedure only involves a small incision in the back, making it a small and easy suture to care for once released.

What Conditions Does Lumbar Spinous Process Plating Treat?

Lumbar Spinous Process Plating is used in order to give you relief from back problems. Such back issues can include conditions like degenerative arthritis, spondylolisthesis, and spinal stenosis. After the failure of non-surgical techniques, surgical intervention might be necessary.

Using this application may greatly increase your quality of life. If you are suffering from nerve damage and/or severe back pain, come in for a consultation with our award-winning surgeons. Our innovative multidisciplinary team can assist you in deciding if this interspinous implant is right for you.

Living with chronic, debilitating back pain from damage to your spine and your supraspinous ligament can negatively affect your daily enjoyment of life. If you are living in the New York City area, come by for an examination to see if this type of surgery is right for you. Our fellowship-trained doctors and surgeons can assist you in choosing the right solution for your back pain troubles.

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