If you have been diagnosed with radiculopathy due to a herniated disc causing degenerative disc disease and pain, a microdiscectomy might be an option for you. Come in today to our New York area medical clinic to meet with our multidisciplinary team in order to begin your journey to pain relief.

What Conditions Does Microdiscectomy Treat?

Microdiscectomy is used to help when you are suffering from constant pain due to a pinched nerve. This pinching can be caused by several different issues or diseases. These can include the following:

If your doctor has diagnosed you with any of the above, come see our award-winning team of neurosurgeons to learn how we can help you. Our leading private neurosurgical practice in the NY/Long Island area specializes in innovative treatments to give our patients the best results possible.

What Is a Microdiscectomy?

A microdiscectomy, also referred to as microdecompression surgery, is a minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery used to relieve pain caused by a compressed nerve, including leg or sciatica pain. During this procedure, bone material might also be removed to relieve pressure on the nerves in the spine causing the pain. Typically pain relief is felt immediately after the spine surgery is performed.

Previous to more advanced surgical techniques, microdiscectomies were an open back surgery. Now it is an endoscopic surgery where our board-certified neurosurgeons enter the spine through small incisions. This makes damage to muscles and surrounding tissues minimal, while still accomplishing the pain-relieving results of the surgery.

During the surgery, a small portion of bone along with herniated disc material will be removed to provide relief to the pinched nerve. Only the herniated or damaged portion of the disc will be taken out, while the rest of the disc will be left intact to heal. This is why the procedure is also referred to as herniated disc surgery. Even though there is usually initial pain relief post-surgery, the complete healing process can take weeks or months.

State-of-the-Art Microdiscectomy in Long Island, NY area

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